A Biography of Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir was a Pakistani poet, teacher, and civil servant of the government. Her distinctive feminine voice in Urdu literature was a significant characteristic. She used the feminine gender consistently for the word “lover”. Her poetry is highly regarded and is still widely read today. Parveen Shakir biography highlights some of her best works. To learn more, visit Parveen Shakir’s website. This is a brief biography of the poet and her work.

Parveen Shakir’s first book was published in 1976. Her famous works include Kaf-e-Aina, Sad-barg, and Mah-e-Tamaam. She married Pakistani doctor Syed Naseer Ali but later divorced him. In 1994, she died while driving in a car accident. She was a prominent poet, a teacher, and a civil servant.

Parveen Shakir’s writings include the sonnet, “The Child of the Twenty-First Century.” Her free verse is much more fearless than the ghazaliyaat. The collection uses popular expressions to point to societal prohibitions. On her 19th death anniversary, the Pakistan Postal Service issued an honorary stamp in her name. She was also a pioneer of feminist poetry in the world.

Parveen Shakir died in 2004, but her legacy lives on. In addition to her poetry, she was a teacher. She published various volumes of poetry that oscillated between ghazals and free verse. Some of her poems deal with themes like feminism, love, and rebirth. Her poems are considered to be among the finest in Urdu literature. It is easy to see why Parveen Shakir is so beloved.

Parveen Shakir’s life is marked by her love life with her husband, Dr. Naseer Ali. They had a son together. The two were married for nine years and had a son. Their marriage was unsatisfactory, but they remained faithful. The poet had a beautiful family and was devoted to her work. The writer’s husband was a prominent civil servant of Pakistan.

Parveen Shakir was born in Karachi and started writing poetry at a young age. She later went on to study English Literature at the University of Karachi. She earned her MA degree in linguistics and later worked as an English teacher at the Abdullah Girls College. Her sister, Parvin Qadir Agha, was her close friend. They married in the year she was 42. The poet’s mother was a teacher, and both of them were talented writers.

Parveen Shakir is an acclaimed poet in Pakistan. She was born in 1952 and was married to Dr. Naseer. She was a professor at the university for nine years and had a son with him. Her father, a civil servant, encouraged her to pursue poetry. She worked in the government as a civil servant and teacher before she became a poet. At the age of 25, she published her first collection of poetry and won the Adam G Award for her writing.

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