4 Benefits of a Cash Sale on a House
4 Benefits of a Cash Sale on a House

In the US, the average home price is just under $375,000, which is up $50,000 from 2020. If you’re considering selling your house, then it’s definitely a good time to do so!

However, going the traditional route can be a pain. Not to mention, it’s a long process as well.

So why not sell your house for cash instead? Below are 4 benefits you can get from a cash sale on your house!

1. Faster Closing Time

Are you strapped for cash and can’t wait to get rid of your home? Need to see money hit your bank account ASAP? Then you’ll definitely want to do a cash sale.

At the most, it’ll take only 2 weeks to close. Compare this to regular sales, which can take months.

The only downside is that selling for cash usually doesn’t fetch as high a price, but when you see all the other benefits on this list, you won’t care!

2. There’s No Staging or Showings Involved

Staging can be a whole headache in itself. Not only do you have to move everything out, but you’ll also have to fix up dings and scratches, and get staging furniture in.

Then, you have to schedule showings and have people walk all over your house. Sure, you can have a real estate agent handle this, but that means more money leaving your pocket.

3. You Can Sell As-Is

We’ve just mentioned that to stage the house, you need to make small fixes. Also, if you get an interested buyer, you’ll need to have a structural survey done. If anything major’s found, it’s your responsibility to fix it.

However, this isn’t the case with a cash sale. The buyer understands that they’re buying the house as-is, which means they might have to put in a little work themselves.

So while you’ll get a lower price selling for cash, in the end, you’re more in the green than you are with a regular sale.

4. There’s Less Risk

Most homebuyers aren’t able to afford a house outright. They have to apply for financing, so there’s always the chance that it might fall through. And when it does, you’re back at square one again.

But because a cash offer on your house means the buyer has all the money already, there’s basically a 0% chance they’ll back out.

If you’re now interested in accepting a cash offer on your house, then see more here on this subject.

Benefit From a Cash Sale of Your Home

As you can see, a cash sale of your home can have immense payoffs. Not only is it a lot quicker, but there’s a lot less hassle involved as well.

While you won’t fetch as high a price when compared to selling traditionally, the difference is negligible, especially when you consider how little work you have to put in to get cash in hand.

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