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Protect Your Kid From Abusive Company With Surveillance App for Call Trapping

Are you concerned about your child’s online safety? There are several situations when parents are worried about their children. Especially single mothers can be frightened to see their kids wasting their time on the internet and getting bad grades at school. The ugly social media has another side too that can harm our kids to the extent that we can’t even imagine. Most parents are concerned about their kids being alcoholics or taking other drugs but internet addiction is not any less than them. Bullying and cyberbullying are the most dangerous things happening online. Parents are even scared that how they will save their kids from such digital disasters.

Children are normally shy and do not tell their parents about their online matters even someone is blackmailing them. They will always be reluctant to tell you anything about their romantic relationships. But sometimes they get stuck with abusive persons and find it difficult to get rid of them. For this purpose, there is an amazing spy app that will not only help you trap the call of your kid when they are with some abusive person but also tell you about their live location and whereabouts. Let’s discuss the amazing features of this spy app TheOneSpy especially call trapping.

Listen to Your Child’s Conversation Secretly

One of the basic functions of this software is to listen to your child’s conversations without letting them know. Because they will think that we are invading their privacy which is right by the way. But it’s for their better. We can save them through online harassers if we know that they are talking to someone abusive. If we remain unaware then, unfortunately, we will not be able to help our little loved ones.

Call Recordings and Phone Surrounds

Through this amazing software, you can record all the calls on your child’s mobile. You can also listen to what is happening in the background or surroundings while connected to them. How amazing it is to listen to everything on your kid’s device and filter the persons they are talking to. Do all-time surveillance of your child to save them from any kind of danger.

View all Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Track all the incoming and outgoing calls as well. This unique app offers an amazing call trapping technique you can see all the calls your child is making and all those he is receiving. So, if your loved ones are getting calls from an abuser who is dealing with them like trash then it’s time to get up, have this app, and take control of your own hands. This way you will be informed about every detail of your child and whom they are talking to.

Listen to the Calls Live

Listen to all the calls live on your kid’s phone. For example, what if your child is on call and someone is blackmailing them to share their inappropriate photos with them. Or your child has already shared and now they are blackmailing them and asking for money. You can listen to all this conversation life and can react accordingly. You haven’t raised your offspring for this day to get blackmailed by others. Of course, this will be shocking for you but now that you know the situation, it will be easier for you to handle the situation.

Monitor all Social Media Calls

Through this outstanding app, you will be able to monitor all the calls that they are getting from their friends on different accounts of social media. Social media is the main culprit behind the crimes like bullying and cyberbullying. So, you have to be very vigilant about the friends of your kids and their conversations. Keep yourself updated from every detail through call tracking on social platforms like Facebook, Snapchat Instagram, and WhatsApp spy app by this amazing surveillance app.

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Monitor Your Child’s Phone without their Knowledge

Teens are very sensitive about their privacy. They do not want anyone to invade it. This amazing spy app will help you to get all the information about their calls without even letting them know.

TheOneSpy is an outstanding surveillance app by which you can do call trapping of your kid’s mobile and help them to get rid of the abusive relationships. 


The Surveillance app TheOneSpy will help out to Parents protect them. The app is full of features that will record the activities of the target device and store the monitored data in the dashboard. The end-user can check it later. TheOneSpy offers call tapping features as well that how parents will be aware of their kid’s call. The cellphone spy app is also used by employers for call tapping and other features. Employers can use the app to spy on their employee’s calls and activities to get better performance of the businesses.


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