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Family Emergency Prep with a Solar Generator and These 4 Activities

It is essential for your whole family to feel prepared for emergencies. You can’t handle everything yourself. In a stressful situation, you need everyone to know what they are doing. That’s why it’s important to practice with your family to help them feel more prepared. Your oldest child may not know how to use the solar generator to keep your devices running. But if you practice a simulated power outage scenario, they get an opportunity to learn. Here are 4 activities you can use to practice for emergencies with the whole family.

A Solar Generator Can Help You Practice a Power Outage

A power outage can happen at any time. For example, a car could slide into a power pole. Another time, bad weather could break power lines. In this instance, you might not have power for a few days. Nevertheless, your family needs to know how to respond to the situation. Practicing a power outage can be fun and educational. You can turn it into a stay-at-home camping experience for the little kids. Older children can learn their responsibilities. You can teach everyone how to use the solar generator to power important utilities. Spend the night telling spooky stories around your battery-powered lantern. Don’t use anything powered by your outlets, and you will get all the practice you need.

Play a Game to See Your Plan in Action

In certain emergencies, it is important to leave the house fast. You should have 72-hour survival bags packed. Make sure you stock these bags with survival meals and gear like a solar powered flashlight. Just as importantly, everyone should know where your stored supplies are and where you plan to meet. You can turn this into a surprise pop quiz to keep your family on their toes. Choose random times to tell everyone to leave as fast as they can. Then, you can make it a game by seeing who can grab their bag and meet at the car the fastest.

Take a Camping Trip with Survival Gear

You can include emergency practice in your regular camping trips. Take your time outdoors to practice using your survival gear. Bring a solar generator and some survival food kits with you. Then, you can show your family how to make the food and operate the equipment. Since the best emergency gear is sturdy, it can handle a rough camping trip. In addition, testing your generators and flashlights can give you peace of mind. That way, you’ll know the gear will work when you need them to.

Store Your Solar Powered Flashlight for an Emergency Supplies Scavenger Hunt

If you use your survival gear often, you might leave it out of place. For this reason, you need to help your family learn the names of all your supplies. Turn this lesson into a fun scavenger hunt. Give your kids a list of all your most important gear. Specifically include everything big and small, from your food kits to a solar powered flashlight. Then, they can race to finish their scavenger hunt. As a result, this game can help them learn the names and storage of emergency gear.

About 4Patriots

4Patriots has everything you need to prepare for emergencies and natural disasters. In fact, the brand was founded to help everyday people solve real problems. Allen and Erin Baler created 4Patriots at their kitchen table in Nashville, Tennessee. Now, they employ over 190 people. 4Patriots offers a wide range of survival gear, from emergency food kits to a solar generator. All their products are built to last, so you can depend on them when you need them most. 4Patriots hold themselves to a standard of dependable quality. They also focus on giving back to the community. 4Patriots supports the American military, veterans, and their families with their “$1K a Day” pledge in 2022. 4Patriots is more than just a company. They are a family committed to keeping you prepared for emergencies. Don’t get caught off guard. Use 4Patriots to prepare for anything that might come your way.


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