Financing Options for Real Estate Beginners
3 Financing Options For Real Estate Beginners

Are you a newcomer when it comes to investing in real estate? Do you wish there were easier ways to get the money you need to fund your projects?

More than 64 percent of people in the US own their homes. Rising house prices make it more difficult for people to purchase their first home.

Most people don’t have a lot of money when they begin their investing journey. Here are several ways to help you find financing for real estate deals.

Finance options for new realtors

1. Ask Friends and Family

One of the best ways to get started is to ask your friends or family to lend you the money. You might have a relative that is willing to take out a mortgage on their home so you can use it for a down payment. 

You could form a partnership and pool your savings. An older family member might lend you the cash if you do the physical work of renovating the property. Be sure to formalize your partnership with a written agreement so your terms are clear and everyone understands them.

You may form a joint venture with friends where you share the risks and returns of your investments. This can be a good option when you both have a small down payment that you can combine into one.

2. Get a Hard Money Loan

Private lenders are people willing to lend you money to buy your home. They provide financing for commercial real estate. In return, the property is security for the loan. 

The interest rates for hard money loans are higher than banks, but they are more flexible and may take on credit risks that a bank isn’t willing to take. If your down payment is large, they may be able to reduce their rates.

Consider reputable lenders. For example, Trinity Mortgage Fund is a well-established lender with years of experience in the industry. They focus on building solid relationships and commit to processing your loans as fast as they can.

3. Rent With an Option to Buy

If you cannot get finance for real estate development when you are starting, you might consider renting with the option to buy. Some landlords are willing to sign an agreement where a portion of your rent goes toward a down payment for a future purchase.

Be sure to agree on the purchase price of the home in writing. Work out the details regarding maintenance of the property while you are a tenant. You may have to pay a non-refundable fee upfront.

A standard lease agreement with an option at the end of the lease term is a good starting point. Some contracts require you to buy the home at the end of the lease, and some give you the option to buy it.

Easy Financing for Real Estate Beginners

When you learn about the different options you can access, finding financing for real estate becomes an easy task. You’ll be on your way to building wealth to help support your family in the future.

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