How To Create Engaging Content – 12 Tips
How To Create Engaging Content – 12 Tips

Are you a content creator? Picture this! “You wrote a blog post or created a video and you got 2000 shares, 5000 comments, 6000 likes, and the same content brings you 10,000 visitors each month” sounds interesting, right? By now I am sure you know all of this is possible? Now the question is, how can you create this content? What is the guideline on how to create this amazing content?

We are going to look at the 12 tips on how to create engaging content, not just clickbait content or content that will drive traffic to your website, but content that your customers would read, save, likes, comment, and share with others. 

As a content creator, you would agree with me that one of our biggest dreams is seeing users engage with those contents. We have put our brains, energy, and time into creating.

The dream of every content creator is to create engaging content that goes viral. These 12 tips will guide you on how to create engaging content that your users would love and keep coming back for more. You will also learn to improve Google search ranking and get more quality traffic.

Tips for Create Engaging Content

1. Don’t make people work (Make it easy to consume)

Everyone wants their lives to be easy, they want other people to do the work for them while they sit and reap the result. The same goes for when they are reading, make your content easy to consume.

If you want your users to go through to the end of your content, you need to make it easy to consume. Give lots of white space, don’t stuff a lot of sentences together so your users can easily consume them.

2. Use headers and sub-headers

Headers and sub-headers wouldn’t only make your content look neat, but users can easily navigate through your work and understand it. It breaks down your point for your audience to understand.

Your audience looks at Headings and sub-headings as signposts or direction that point to something important in your content.

3. Use the kiss principle (keep it simple, stupid)

According to Wikipedia, “The KISS principle states that most systems work best if you make things simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design, and we should avoid unnecessary complexity.”

You need to be brave enough to create simple content. Thousand of content creators believes that if they make their content complimented and long, it would gain more attraction than simple content.

While I don’t believe that theory, I have read and seen simple and short content gain more attention than long and complicated content. 

Some may say longer content with 50,000 words rank better than 300 words content, while that is true sometimes or false sometimes, perfection is said to be reached when there is not left to add.

4. Have one idea behind each post

Knowing why you are creating content and who you are creating the content is very important for you to create SEO friendly content. When you analyze the why and who of your content, you would be able to tailor your content massage to fit your targeted audience.

You need to have a specific goal besides each content you make for your audience to get a clear picture of your message. Therefore, it is important to have a content strategy before creating content.

5. Write a rough note first

Every writer knows the importance of having a rough note or a rough draft. A rough note would help you organize your works and ideas, It’s a complete version of your work not polished. With the latest technology and program, you can jot your first draft.

7 Step to write your rough note

  1. Topic
  2. Information (I. Analyze the issue to your topic, II. Books, articles, infographic, image, report and fact, anything that gives you information to support your point).
  3. Thought and note
  4. Introduction
  5. Make an outline
  6. Body
  7. Conclusion.

6. Give it 24 hrs for correction

After writing your rough draft or note, give it time to proofread or correct. There are no rules for how long you should wait before corrections, but in our case proofreading the same day or after you finish a rough draft is not a good idea. You need to give your brain time to rest and digest the information.

One big mistake you would make is by making corrections while writing. It would not only slow your writing, but it can distrust the visual pictures of what you are writing.

7. Technical term (technical jargons) – being an expert

Many would say leave out the jargons, but using technical terms or technical jargon in your niche while writing makes you stand out as an expert. You need not make writing complicated.

It’s a great way to communicate information and it easy for your targeted audience to understand. Don’t write unnecessary technical jargon. Make sure it lines with what you are saying or leave it out.

9. Explaining hard concept

Remember what we said in number 1, don’t make your audience work. Thinking your readers understand everything would make your work complicated. You are writing or every term and concept; You need to break every hard concept down to an average man’s understanding.

10. Answer questions

Everything in the world seems complicated, everyone needs answers. If you look back on everything you have read so far they are all answers to questions.

So anything you write should be an answer to a question, even the topic you write about is answering a question to someone or your targeted niches. Make sure you break it down and explain it, they need not search for more answers.

11. Story telling method

The storytelling method is creating your content in story form, your audience can visualize your content as they read them. In the historic day’s storytelling was only done orally, but now it is a great way to get the reader’s attention while writing.

12. Use images

I am sure you have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With new technology and platforms, the visual form of content is being to beat written content. A survey from the Venngage State that visual content is essential and important to marketing strategy.

All social media platforms are now integrating a way to share visual content, an image communicates where words can’t.


Creating engaging content takes time and practice. One of the best ways to create engaging content is when you are passionate about the topic you are writing on.

Find your voice, you are not just writing for writing’s sake, or for search engines, you are writing for humans, so put your readers in mind when you are writing, give them what they want, answers to their questions and you would find your content thriving.