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How to drive an automatic motorcycle for the first time?

Driving a motorcycle for the first time may seem difficult, but with the basic care and knowledge it is very easy and fun. Today we tell you what you should keep in mind when driving an automatic motorcycle for the first time.


Let’s start by mentioning some basic points that you should take into account when buying your motorcycle:

 Take into account the size and weight of the motorcycle according to your height.

 Know what you are going to use it for: work, fun or transportation.

 We recommend that the motorcycle on which you start this process is of low cylinder capacity so that you gain experience on a motorcycle of moderate power.

The NAVI, for example, takes into account several important aspects for those who ride a motorcycle for the first time. Its size and weight of 99 kilograms, allow easy maneuverability in the city and its displacement of 109, will make the experience more controlled and safe.

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Now, let’s see what you have to take into account to drive an automatic motorcycle for the first time:

Identify the parts of the motorcycle: there are parts of the motorcycle that are vital when driving, so you must identify parts such as the accelerator, high beams at night, ignition button, turning lights and horn.

Take care of the position of the hands: the left hand should always grab the handlebars, it is recommended that the left index finger always go on the brake, while the thumb should be ready to press the horn or activate the turn signals.

If someone is honking the horn, do not panic, review the situation and decide what to do:

1. Do not get comfortable in the seat while driving, if you do not feel comfortable, it is better to brake, park to the side and adopt a comfortable position.

2. You must take into account the type of ground you are going through, since if you drive on sand or stones, you will not be able to make the same movements as easily as you do on cement

Read about the rules and regulations in your area regarding electric scooters. This allows you to understand how fast you can go while driving and the places you can ride your scooter.
Some areas allow you to ride electric scooters on trails and bike lanes, while others prohibit you from riding in places used by pedestrians.

Wear a helmet
Like bicycles and skateboards, riding an electric scooter can cause accidents. Wearing a helmet and other precautionary equipment may protect you better than going without.
In the last year alone, there has been an increase in electric scooter-related injuries, and this includes traumatic brain injuries. Prevention is better than cure, so wear a helmet.

Check your tires
Before you go, make sure the tires on your electric scooter are in tip-top shape. Check that all your tires have good pressure and that the treads are not yet worn. You can also have accidents when you drive with inferior wheels.

Focus on your surroundings
Focus on the events around you. Be aware of pedestrians, oncoming traffic, and other obstacles to prevent accidents from happening while riding your electric scooter. Do not use scooters during rain or thunderstorms.
Please note that electric scooters work due to electrical energy. During thunderstorms, stop using your e-scooter immediately and seek shelter.

In view of this, it is also better to refrain from using your electric scooter on wet ground as it may destroy the components of the scooter. If this is unavoidable, cruise slowly


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