How To Improve Google Search Ranking?
How To Improve Google Search Ranking?

Google is the best search engine that many people prefer these days. The primary goal of every business that runs Internet Marketing campaigns is to have a good rank on Google. If you don’t have a good ranking on Google, you have to be more strategic. Improving Google search rankings is not a herculean task. You need to be careful in carrying out Internet Marketing campaigns. Even though millions of businesses are running Internet Marketing campaigns, only a few of them are getting a place on the first page of Google. It is a dream for almost every company to appear on the first page of Google search for their targeted keywords. Using some effective methods of search engine optimization will definitely help you to get the desired position in Google.

The success of the website depends on its performance and its search rankings. Ten effective ways to improve search rankings on Google.


Search engine optimization or SEO is a tried and tested method that helps in improving the overall performance of the site. It also helps in improving the performance in the organic search results. Here are ten effective steps to improve a website’s performance in search results.

  • Establish a good site structure

A good website needs to be user-friendly. No matter how much content and SEO efforts are being put in, everything will go unseen in the eyes of Google’s complex algorithms if the website is not user-friendly. A user-friendly website helps Google’s algorithms to easily read or crawl the website. Both the mobile and desktop sites must be made user-friendly by conducting regular SEO audits and checking the content to avoid duplicity.

  • Write effective SEO friendly content

Good SEO optimized content is the easiest way to boost traffic and performance in search results. Well keyword research and detailed content adds a lot of value to the time spent by readers on your website. It helps in improving the engagement and motivating them to visit the website on a recurring basis. The content must have varying lengths and not plagiarized. Content must be presented in a very interesting way to capture the reader’s attention.

Content works as a great force in capturing the right audience and providing them with relevant information and knowledge. The contents must be SEO-friendly or else it will be difficult for your audience to find it on Google. Thus, using the right keywords in the right place is very important.

  • Optimize the website for speed

For providing a positive user experience and also the search rankings, good site speed is very necessary. It is to be noted that site speed is definitely a criterion for better search results. This can be easily achieved by having compressed and optimized images on your website, browser caching through codes or plug-ins, and script handling which can be done by restricting the use of JS and CSS files that are used for site enhancement.

  • Double-check your links

It becomes very disturbing when a user comes across a broken link which is not healthy both in terms of user experience and site performance. Both internal and external links play a vital role. Having a solid anchor text with the right keywords is a vital step towards linking your content internally or externally. Always make sure that there are a few quality links rather than having a number of useless links that will hinder the SEO efforts.

  • Write contents solving queries of the searchers

When you search for something on Google, you will be able to see that a part of the content is posted as a snippet at the top of the result page. It occurs because Google is aiming to improve the experience of its users. So if you are asking anything, it will try to bring relevant information thus reducing the time searching for the answers. Using relevant keywords in your content will increase the chance of Google placing your content at the top as a snippet along with the website from where Google found the answer.

More users are using the voice search function and local search function for ‘businesses near me’. These functions will be working only if likely phrases are used by the searchers. The phrases must have a proper sentence structure rather than a few keywords. Google My Business listing is a great platform to get the website listed in the appropriate local searches and directories. Its reputation can also be increased if there are positive reviews from the users.

  • Enlist your business on Google My Business

It is an important way of getting the number one rank on Google. Whether your business operates on a locality, or you wish to target the customers of a particular area or you want to see your business on top of your competitors on Google, you have to enlist on Google My Business. You will be able to see your business at the top of SERP if you enlist your business on Google My Business.

  • Voice Search optimization

The number of voice searches made on Google has increased drastically in the past few years. Many searchers have a tendency to speak and not type. So the keywords which were set conventionally would be changed to conversational keywords. And it will be more like a Google assistant. You have to figure out what they are going to speak and optimize the website accordingly

Images optimization

A website consists of numerous images to make it more interesting. You post blogs and articles along with pictures to make the posts more informative and entertaining. But it can also work against the website. Multiple images on your website can reduce the loading speed of the web page. You can implement image optimization for SEO of your website by compressing the images that you are using, make the filenames of the images descriptive, and include proper alt text for each image.

  • Focus on improving user experience

The user experience is an important factor for Google while ranking websites. Google will check the bounce rate of the website before ranking it. If a visitor opens the website and closes it immediately, then the bounce of the website will go up. It can happen due to either the design of the website may not be to the liking of the visitor or the user is not getting the required information from the website. Thus it is important to work on the user experience.

  • Generate backlinks

Google considers backlinks as an important factor to rank a website. When other websites link back to your website, it will showcase the relevancy of your content to Google. You can expect to have more traffic to your website if the websites are high-authority domains. You can use various link building strategies for your website. It will improve your Google ranking immensely.