Why Instagram Is Best To Grow Your Business.
Why Instagram Is Best To Grow Your Business.

There sure was a time when Facebook was getting all the attention. But as the time passed and new social media platforms popped up, Facebook lost its position of being Big daddy in the social media game. Among those many platforms that have robbed Facebook of its popularity is Instagram. Although Facebook now owns Instagram, it’s a platform with its own unique identity and way of touching hearts.

A study shows that more than 36% people of age 18 to 25 years prefer Instagram and 26% of them choose Facebook as their second priority. People choose Instagram not just because it’s somewhat better than Facebook; they choose it because Instagram is a trending social media platform and gives more freedom of sharing than any other platform.

From raising awareness about social problems to protesting against a Government decision, you can find all sorts of #hashtags on Instagram. With more than 1 Billion active users monthly and 500 million + users daily, Instagram is the perfect platform to show people what you want them to see.

That’s right folks; today we’ll be looking at why Instagram is best to growing your business. We’ll see how it’s better than other platforms and give you tips to grow your business on Instagram.

Why Instagram and What giants are on Instagram?

We can give you a lot of statistical data (which by the way we will give you in the end) to show you why you should choose Instagram to grow your business. Instead, we’ll look at some of the industry giants who are taking advantages of Instagram account to keep their social media game strong.

Nike (73.3 Million followers)

As one of the renowned brands in the world of fitness, Nike chose to focus on what people want to see instead of focusing entirely on the product. Not only did they gain more popularity with this, but they were also able to improve the quality and design of their products by closely observing trends on Instagram.

Victoria’s Secret (68 million followers)

Even America’s most famous lingerie, clothing and beauty retailer is on Instagram to meet their potential customers where they are. Victoria’s Secret launched some new lines of products after studying what females are liking on Instagram and what next are they expecting from the brand.

Chanel (36 Million followers)

Another brand focusing on women fashion, luxurious goods and accessories is on Instagram. Chanel chose Instagram to come up with better and more amazing ideas for products. Not to forget that their popularity increased many folds after coming on Instagram.

Gucci (35.6 Million followers)

Who doesn’t know Gucci? But still they chose to set up their page on Instagram because they knew that with more and more people joining Instagram every day, it’s going to be a great source of advertisement and developing a brand image.

So, these were some of the giants in the industry who chose Instagram. Now, it wasn’t like they weren’t doing fine before coming on Instagram. But they still chose Instagram because they knew that Instagram is the future.

Following Demographics will help you understand why exactly you should be choosing Instagram to grow your business.

  • 43.7% of Instagram users are males and 56.3% are females.
  • 89% of users are outside the US.
  • About Six out of ten online adults own an Instagram account.
  • Global Instagram audience from age 18 to 24 is 30% and is 35% for people in age between 25 and 34 years.
  • 72% of teens are using Instagram.
  • More than 130 million Instagram users open a shopping post to read more details.
    63% of Americans daily use Instagram.

How can you grow your business on Instagram?

There’s a saying in content marketing that content is the king. Instagram’s whole foundation is built in showing only the best quality content to its users. From images to video, blogs to ads, every piece of content that makes it to the Instagram story should be of superior quality. Since Instagram cares so much about the quality of content, it is important for you to work on generating high quality content. That content will help you create a strong brand image and will attract more people towards your brand. Now, the question here is how to develop high quality content which is of Instagram standard? Let’s see what we can do about that.

Provide visual content

What makes a user stop scrolling down and look at a post? Yes! We’re talking about the visual content here. Nothing works better than a nicely designed post when it comes to grabbing a user’s attention. Colorful and unique posts with catchy lines written on them are the best way to communicate with the user. Always make sure to come up with innovative post designs and catchy short phrases which make a user stop and look at what you have to show.

Centered in story telling

We humans have been telling stories for thousands of years now. The only thing that’s changed is that now there’s not a story teller in a tavern sitting in the middle of people, instead the story teller is in the hands of people and billions of people are always ready to listen. Your content needs to be story oriented as if the post you just shared has a million words behind it. User needs to see the actual meaning behind the colorful post in front of him. Because in the end it’s not just the colors or the quality of your post that attracts people, it’s the ability of telling your story in the most sophisticated way possible.

Easily track your competitions and come up with better content

No need to go outside and conduct market research to analyze where you stand among your competitors. With Instagram you can easily see what your competitors are doing, what audience they are targeting, which themes are they going with and what are they planning to do next. This platform gives you an ability to predict your competitor’s next move by carefully and meticulously observing their current content.

Improve the quality of your content by constantly comparing your content with your competitors and never let others take away your vibe by maintaining that content quality.

Provide amazing insights

People like to learn something new every day because that makes them feel good. Imagine if you orient your content in a way that teaches them something and conveys your message as well. Wouldn’t that be cool? Users will like your content for what you’re teaching them but over time they will start taking interest in what you have to say as well. Providing people insights is something that they will not only like but they will also love to share it with others for the sake of spreading knowledge as well.

Reach a lot of people by improvising

With billions of users annually using Instagram, you need to focus on the diversity of your content. If your content is streamlined and moves in only one direction then it may lose its value after sometime. That’s why it’s important to innovate and involve the latest trends in your posts. This will give your content diversity and will also keep your clients updated. Try to be neutral with your content to reach maximum people but if there’s a resolution for a good purpose then make sure to orient your content accordingly. Doing this will show that you care for and support all the good things being done in the world.

Easily engage in your community

Targeting others is hard but targeting your own is something much easier because they get you look no one else does. It’s important that you start to influence your own community first before trying to convey your message to the world. By designing posts that your people can relate to and by keeping them engaged, you will be able to strengthen the roots of your brand and you will earn trust within your own community. Whether its festivals, or other big events in your community, make sure to always make posts about those events to show the community that your brand cares for them.

What have we learned so far?

After all the strong arguments and presenting all the statistical data, we are quite sure that you’re now fully convinced of Instagram’s importance as a platform to grow business. With good quality content and the right online marketing strategy, you can easily grow your business on Instagram. Just make sure to follow trends and create your own trends when the right time comes. New users are signing up on Instagram as you’re reading this very line so it’s time to step up your game and shift to Instagram.