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Tax process – How Does it Works

1. What information do I need to prepare for the annual reconciliation?

A: Before handling the annual reconciliation, you need to prepare your income, three insurances and one housing fund, special additional deductions, other deductions (annuities, eligible commercial health insurance, or tax-deferred pension insurance), donations, tax incentives, Tax payment, and other related information or materials in case you fill in the declaration information.

2. Where can I get my income tax information?

A: You can find out from the unit or individual (withholding agent) that paid your income, or you can inquire about your relevant income tax declaration information through the mobile personal income tax APP and the Natural Person Electronic Taxation Bureau.

3. Where should I go to file the annual reconciliation declaration?

Answer: Following the principle of convenience and proximity, if you choose to handle the annual final declaration by yourself or entrust a third party (tax-related professional service organization or other units and individuals) to handle the declaration, you should report to the competent tax authority in the place where you are employed; If you have two or more employers, you can choose one of them to declare. If you are not employed by an employer, report to the competent tax authority in the place of your household registration or habitual residence. Regardless of whether you choose to file online or go to the tax service office of the tax authority, the place for the annual final report will be determined according to the above rules.

If you choose to have the unit handle the annual reconciliation of comprehensive income on your behalf, you can directly submit the relevant materials to the unit, and the unit will file a declaration with its competent tax authority during the annual reconciliation period.

4. What is the competent tax authority for my annual reconciliation?

A: It refers to the tax authority responsible for accepting and processing your annual reconciliation-related business. The competent tax authority is mainly responsible for receiving the annual final settlement declaration submitted by you, accepting and processing your tax refund application, and receiving the additional tax payment and other annual final settlement matters.

It should be noted that the location of the competent tax authority is not the same as the “physical location” where you are when you process the annual reconciliation. If you handle the annual reconciliation remotely through the Internet, the information system will determine your tax authority in charge of the annual reconciliation based on the information you fill in, such as the employer, the place of residence (or habitual residence), and other information. If you do it by other means, you need to go through the annual reconciliation with the corresponding tax authority following the prescribed reporting location.

5. Can I change the place of annual reconciliation after I have filed the annual reconciliation declaration?

A: After you submit the 2019 final settlement return, you cannot change the place of the final settlement under normal circumstances.

6. When do I need to do the annual reconciliation?

A: The annual reconciliation period for the 2019 comprehensive income is from March 1 to June 30, 2020, for 4 months. To implement the spirit and requirements of the CPC Central Committee for coordinating the work of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and help enterprises resume work and production, the tax authorities have made overall arrangements for the 4-month declaration period. , and formulated a taxation scheme for taxation in different batches by category and in batches. To effectively protect the health and safety of taxpayers, it is recommended that you do your best to follow the period notified by the local tax authorities and units.

7. My annual comprehensive income is less than 60,000 yuan. I heard that I can apply for a tax refund through a simple declaration. When do I need to do the annual reconciliation?

A: From March 1 to May 31, 2020, you can handle the annual reconciliation of the comprehensive income in 2019 through the simple declaration method; if the period is exceeded, you can still apply for a tax refund through the standard declaration method.

8. What should I do if I have special circumstances and cannot complete the declaration within the specified time?

Answer: If you are unable to complete the annual final declaration on time due to force majeure (such as floods, fires, wind disasters, earthquakes, and other natural disasters that people cannot foresee, avoid, or overcome), you can report to the competent taxpayer before June 30. The agency applies for an extension of the declaration. At the same time, when the force majeure situation is eliminated, you need to report to the tax authority immediately and make a declaration.

9. In what ways can I handle the annual reconciliation?

A: There are three main ways to handle the annual reconciliation: do it yourself, do it by your unit, or ask someone to do it.

One is to do it yourself, that is, to do it yourself. You can handle the annual reconciliation by yourself through channels such as the personal income tax APP on your mobile phone and the electronic tax bureau for natural persons.

The second is to do it by the unit, that is, please apply for the employment unit. You can ask the unit to help you with the annual reconciliation, or you can ask the unit how to do it on your own through the mobile phone or the electronic tax bureau for natural persons. It should be noted that if you choose the unit to do the annual reconciliation, you need to confirm in writing with the unit before April 30, 2020; at the same time, if you have income outside the unit or deduction items that the unit does not know, you need to make a statement together. The submitting unit is responsible for its authenticity, accuracy, and completeness.

The third is to ask someone to do it, that is, to entrust a tax-related professional service organization or other units and individuals to handle it. To choose this method, you will need to sign a Power of Attorney with the trustee.

10. How can the taxpayer handle the tax refund and tax payment for the 2019 annual reconciliation of the individual income tax comprehensive income?

Answer: The Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on Handling the Final Settlement and Payment of Individual Income Tax Comprehensive Income in 2019 (Announcement No. 44 of 2019 of the State Administration of Taxation) stipulates: “X. For the final tax refund, the qualified bank account opened in China shall be provided. After the tax authorities have examined and approved according to the regulations, following the relevant regulations on treasury management, the tax authorities shall be located in the place of the tax authority that accepts the annual final declaration as determined in Article 9 of this Announcement (i.e. Tax refunds will be processed on the spot at the place of final settlement and payment. If the taxpayer fails to provide his valid bank account, or the information provided is incorrect, the tax authority will notify the taxpayer to make corrections, and the taxpayer will handle the tax refund by the law after making corrections as required.

To facilitate taxpayers to obtain tax refunds, if the taxpayers ‘ comprehensive income in 2019 does not exceed 60,000 yuan and individual income tax has been prepaid, the tax authorities will provide convenient tax refund functions on the online tax bureau (including the mobile personal income tax APP). From March 1 to May 31, 2020, the annual tax refund will be processed through the simplified declaration form.

Taxpayers who apply for annual reconciliation and supplementary taxes can pay through online banking, POS machines in tax service halls, bank counters, non-bank payment institutions, etc. “

11. Through which channels can I self-declare?

A: You can declare through the Personal Income Tax APP on your mobile phone, the Electronic Taxation Bureau for Natural Persons (, the Tax Service Office, or by post.

12. What are the conditions that can be declared simply?

Answer: If the annual comprehensive income does not exceed 60,000 and there is no overseas income, you can use the simple method to declare.

13. What are the items that are declared simply?

A: Simple declaration only needs to declare basic information and tax refundable amount.

14. How to calculate the income amount of a simple declaration?

Answer: The amount of income from wages and salaries = all wages and salaries before tax

Income from labor remuneration = pre-tax income of all labor remuneration × (1-20%)

Income from author’s remuneration = pre-tax income of all author’s remuneration × (1-20%) × 70%

Amount of income from royalties = pre-tax income of all royalties × (1-20%)

15. My income is less than 60,000 yuan, but I have overseas income, can I declare it simply?

Answer: No. Individuals who obtain overseas income need to use the “Individual Income Tax Annual Self-tax Return (Form B)” and “Overseas Income Individual Income Tax Credit Details” for declaration.


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