4 Quick Tips To Save Delivery And Shipping Costs
4 Quick Tips To Save Delivery And Shipping Costs

If your business relies on goods delivery or packaged mail, working out the most cost-effective way to get your products to your customers or clients can be a major concern. Shipping and delivery costs can quickly take a huge chunk out of your profit margins, particularly when you consider the rising cost of gas over the past few years. Cutting down on packaging or outsourcing the work to a logistics company may work to slash expenditure, but only to a certain extent. But, it may be out of the question to pass the expenses onto your customers for fear of losing them to your competition. The good news is that there are several strategies that you can use to keep shipping costs to a minimum, regardless of the type of products that you are delivering. These include:

#1. Determine The Exact Weight of Your Shipments

Eliminating any guess work by figuring out the exact weight of your shipments before you send them can make it much easier for you to work out how much it will cost to make the delivery. Knowing how much parcels weigh puts you in a better position to try and reduce the weight to save money before sending, which could result in you slashing your annual delivery costs by up to 25%. You can find reasonably priced postage meters which can both weigh your mail and print out postal markings. Just be sure that it can handle the weight of your typical shipments.

#2. Use The Lightest Packaging Materials

The way in which you pack your parcels before sending them can make a huge difference to the weight and therefore the cost of sending. Whether you’re delivering small one-time items purchased by your customers online or delivering in bulk to regular clients, using the lightest packaging solutions available can help you bag the cheapest shipping deals. Plastic pallets can be a suitable lightweight option for larger bulk deliveries, whilst bubble wrap or Styrofoam popcorn can be a great way to protect fragile packages without adding any extra weight.

#3. Take Advantage of Free Shipping Supplies

The good news for sellers using major shipping services such as UPS, DHL and FedEx, is that each of these suppliers also provide free packaging supplies to their customers. Taking advantage of this perk not only means that you will save money, you’ll also be able to rest assured that your deliveries are packaged using the most appropriate materials, therefore reducing the risk of damage in transit.

#4. Minimize Refunds

Paying out refunds for items that were not shipped on time or were misdelivered can add further expenses to the cost of delivery. It’s a good idea to track any packages that you send to ensure that they are delivered to the right place and at the expected time. A delivery confirmation service can also aid with tracking lost packages, saving you the hassle and expense of paying out for a refund.