5 Types Of Tables That Accentuate The Rooms In Your Home
5 Types Of Tables That Accentuate The Rooms In Your Home

Did you know that table types have been used in the Western world since at least the 7th century BCE? Since then, tables have become a staple in every home.

Nowadays, tables are not only used to hold food but also to work on, to hold decorations, magazines, books, etc.

If you are moving into a new home that you need to furnish, we have put together this list of common table types to help you during your table selection. 

Keep reading to learn which tables accentuate which rooms.

Types of tables

1. Glass Tables

Glass Tables

For those looking for an elegant way to style their home, choosing glass coffee tables or a glass desktop is a perfect choice. Adding glass to a vintage table is also a great way to help preserve it a little longer and it will give your place a modern/vintage aesthetic. 

2. Accent Tables

These types of tables can be placed around your entire home. You can choose to put an accent table on each end of the couch or you can even place an accent table in your bathroom. A bathroom accent table is perfect to keep your favorite book or magazine on or to place your toiletries. 

Accent tables in the living room are commonly used to hold a plant stand or multiple small plants. They are also popular to set your drinks or snacks on. 

3. Dining Tables

One of the largest tables found in the home is usually dining room tables. Dining tables are important to sit down for a meal together as a family or for gatherings. Dining tables come in different shapes such as square, oval, circular, or rectangular. 

When choosing the size of your dining table, take into account how many people will be sitting down to eat together and whether family gatherings are common in your home.

4. Nested Tables

Nested Tables

In recent times these tables have become more popular because they are perfect for saving space. The tables come in a set that can be stacked together and you can pull out the tables as needed without having them all out at the same time. For those living in an apartment or small space, nesting tables are a great choice. 

5. Bedside Tables

These tables are exactly what their name says – tables that go next to your bed. Bedside tables are commonly used to hold your books, a lamp, cellphones, glasses, and anything you need to put down before you go to bed or when you first wake up, without having to get out of bed. 

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Now You Know the Most Common Table Types 

We hope that now that you are familiar with the most common table types, you can get your shopping list ready and choose the best tables for your interior design needs. 

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