Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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10 Ways To Tell You Are a Fitness Enthusiast

Hi Everyone! I’m excited to be guest posting for Jill. I’m such a fan and reader of Jill’s blog.

I believe that fitness should be fun and never boring so today I am bringing you:

10 Ways to Tell You are a Fitness Enthusiast

You can take a flattering gym selfie from any angle.

Those florescent lights can’t hold you back from documenting your new deadlift PR. You have mastered the art of the sweaty but not too stinky pout. You have also discovered how to take these without anyone noticing.

You spend hours planning race outfits.

Getting your heart pumping keeps you on your cardio high, but nothing compares to the sweet satisfaction of having laid out the perfect workout gear the night before the big day. From headbands and bra right down to compression socks your fitness fashions and ability to match gear are second to none.

You have a set of free weights in your car ready to use at ANY time.

You own more pairs of running shoes than you own regular shoes.

You are the King or Queen of Groupon.

Deals for dinners, manicures or massages who needs them? You scour Groupon and discounts sites hoping to save money on race registration fees. Keeping your race schedule busy and your wallet full.

You know everyone at the Gym.

On any given day at any given time you know the names of at least half of the other gym go-ers. And most of them would be able to name your significant other or dog by name as well.

Music is your muse.

Your ipod/mp3 player is filled with music dedicated to a variety of named playlists including but not limited to: 30 Minute Run, Pump Me Up, Power Classic Hits, Rock Roll and Run or the generic March 2014.

You have a subscription to 3 or more of the following

Runner’s World, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Ideafit, Self, Muscle & Fitness.

You actually know what TABATA is.

Most people hear the word TABATA and get confused. You’re a fan of a :20 Work :10 rest rate but have been known to venture to a :30 Work :10 rest when you need an extra push. You may also have one of more Tabata timers on your phone.

You share.

Some people never notice small victories. Each month you set and reach your goals. You can get up a 5 am to run 10 miles before most people have had a cup of coffee. You know that an extra cardio class or weight session a week puts you closer to the prize. Proof that putting in the time and energy will lead to results! When others are wavering in their strength you reach out to offer them the hand they need to stay on course.