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Wholesale Custom High Quality Printed Cardboard Eyelashes Packaging Retail Boxes

Custom Eyelashes Boxes give an Edge to your Brand: Every year companies launched new cosmetics products in the market because every girl want to look pretty. Eyelashes is the most important part of the cosmetic products and there are different brands. Which sell the eyelashes in the retail stores. Girls of every age buy the manifold kinds of cosmetics and eyelashes is the basic part which they never forget to purchase. It increase your eye beauty as people fallen in love with the eyes first. The demand of eyelashes increase very rapidly because every girl want it for their eyes.

So, every company want custom printed cardboard boxes for their brand. Because it’s the only thing which make your brand prominent in the market. Moreover, these boxes are vital part of speaking about your brand and these boxes are booming in the market demands. Custom printed boxes are easy way to catch. The customer that’s why almost every brand focus on the custom printed eyelashes boxes.  You have opportunity to modify your boxes according to your requirement. It’s the best thing that you will choose the boxes according to your idea.

Display your product with unique design:

If you want to show your product in efficient way, always choose good custom boxes for your brand. Blackbird offer the best and unique designs of custom eyelashes boxes which fulfill your specific requirements. They have best designers which make every type of boxes. Eyelashes boxes made form cardboard material because it’s the best for the custom packaging boxes. Blackbird make eyelash boxes in all sizes and shapes, now you don’t need to worry about the sizes. Because companies face issues regarding the sizes but Blackbird solve your all packaging problems through their services.

They give new innovation to your business because it’s very difficult task to compete in the market. Blackbird give strength to your company that you will easily fight against your competitors through custom eyelash boxes.  There are different types of eyelash boxes designs in the market but die cut and window cut designs is best for them. Because you can easily show off your product. If you use these type of style for eyelash boxes it will helpful for your company. Because you don’t need to marketing of your brand. You can easily display your product on the shelf through window and die cut boxes style.

You can choose various Customization Options:

Not only designs Blackbird offers different types of customization like different printing techniques which make colorful eyelash boxes. They use CYMK and PMS printing machines which is best for the custom boxes. Because there is any chance of error and miss print on the boxes. If you use this techniques customer will always happy for you that’s why Blackbird don’t compromise on the quality and make top class packaging boxes through above mention printing techniques. Furthermore they also give different finishing options which will help for you in the customization. Blackbird give different types of laminations, foiling, Spot UV and Embossing/Debossing. These options increase the beauty of your boxes and you will easy grab more customers through this.

Suitable Material for Eyelash Boxes:

There are different types of material are available for the custom eyelash boxes but when we talk about the best one, Cardboard is the best and suitable for eyelash boxes because the printing and designs making are quite easy. Blackbird also have Kraft, rigid cardstock material but the they prefer cardboard material for the custom eyelash’s boxes. You can easily print different designs on the cardboard with your company logo. Your company logo your show tour company caliber in the market and it dufrenite your brand from the others that’s why it’s the compulsory thing for your company. This material provides the sustainability and give luxurious look to your eyelash boxes. Our clients want this cardboard when they need special look. On t6he other hand if you want ecofriendly packaging Materia then cardstock and kraft is best for you because it’s totally recyclable and reusable.

Price variation according to your budget:

Price is the most important thing for everyone because every company first discuss the price and then give order to anyone. Blackbird give most reasonable prices to the customers because they work as a wholesale packaging company. Their prices are depended upon your budget line. No matter the sizes of your company you can share your details and get the best custom eyelash boxes in low prices. We give low prices it doesn’t mean we give low quality; Blackbird never compromise on the quality because they work with their competitors and doesn’t bear to loss the customer due to prices. Their order start from just 100 boxes and maximum quantity is 1 million boxes which is more than any other packaging company. Moreover, if you want discount form us always order in the bulk quantity.

Place your order and get Free shipment:

Blackbird give 100% free delivery in all across the USA because they give benefits to their clients. They also give fast lead time which means your boxes at your door step before given time. Blackbird just take 6 to 8 working days for your order and fulfill your all order requirements. If you want to order us just share your details, our sales agent is always available for you.

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